FROG Recognizer of Gestures

Team Information

Phillip Stromberg

Phillip is a computer science major. His programming background includes interface design and Bluetooth communication. Aside from leading the development of the FROG Project, Phillip will be spearheading Sun SPOT testing and programming. In his spare time Phillip likes coding and online gaming. His future plans are as of yet unknown.

Josh Alvord

Josh is a double major in computer science and mathematics. His mathematical background leads to his natural affinity for the logical and algorithmic side of programming.

As a member of the FROG project, Josh will be handling algorithm research and back-end programming with Sneha Popley as well as managing the editing of project documents.

Outside of the academic environment, Josh has varied interests. In terms of hobbies, he enjoys playing tennis as well as video games. He also enjoys getting to know people and engaging in thought-provoking/intellectual conversation and debate.

Sneha Popley

Sneha is a double major in computer science and mathematics and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in programming language theory. She has experience with multiple programming languages with an emphasis on logic and functional programming. As a computer science and math major, she enjoys the math-based theory in the Hidden Markov Model and the Baum-Welch algorithms used in the FROG Project. In her spare time, Sneha enjoys traveling and running.

José Márquez

José is a double degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. His main academic interests are natural language parsing, user interfaces, algorithms, number theory, geometry and math history. He wants to pursue a carer as an entrepreneur on internet related business, where he wants to transform his academic interests into usable products that bring value to people.

One of José's main passions is education. He has worked teaching higher mathematics to children and youth in El Salvador, and wants to do more work in the area in the future. For this reason, one of his career objectives is to develop resources that facilitate the teaching of mathematics, specially in the third world.

José also wants to eventually return to school to pursue a Ph.D. on Computer Sciences, specializing on natural language.

Alex Grosso

Alex is a computer information technology major. He is interested in working with mobile communication in the FROG project. Alex will be handling system testing as well as communication analysis. In his outside life Alex has many interests. He enjoys playing games online with his friends and running. After college he plans to pursue a career working in civil service.

Ford Wesner

Ford is a computer information technology major. He enjoys working with others and keeping the big picture in mind. As part of the FROG project, he is in charge of maintaining the project schedule and quality assurance. When he is not studying, he enjoys watching sports, reading novels, tinkering with his computer, and playing games, both electronic and otherwise.