Team Members

John Farris |  Kevin Lawhon |  Mason McGlothlin |  Nipuna Perera |  Mandy Seremet | 

John Farris John Farris
Role: Web Lead/Testing

John Farris is a senior Computer Information Technology major and Business minor from Dallas, Texas. His main acedemic interests include Web design and System and Network Administration. Outside of TCU CITE academics John currently works at Legend Natural Gas in Fort Worth in the IT department. In his spare time, John enjoys playing video games, watching baseball, and hanging out with friends.
John Farris Kevin Lawhon
Role: Technology Lead

Kevin Lawhon is a Computer Science major with interests in system design, artificial intelligence, and mobile development. Kevin enjoys playing chess, spending time with his family, and playing football.
Mason McGlothlin Mason McGlothlin
Role: Database Lead / Technology

Mason McGlothlin is a senior Computer Information Technology Engineering major, with a General Business minor. He also currently works as an IT Intern at Terma North America, performing system, network, and database administration. Outside of school and work, he enjoys learning new things, hiking, and biking.
Nipuna Perera Nipuna Perera
Role: Technology Lead

Nipuna Perera is a Senior Computer Science and Mathematics double major. His main interests lie in the fields of AI, Data Mining and Wireless Networks and Security. Nipuna likes to indulge in sports and co-curricular activities, try out different programming languages, read books, play guitar and video games in his spare time. He plans to pursue a Masters degree in Computer Science upon graduation.
Mandy Seremet Mandy Seremet
Role: Project Manager

Mandy is a Computer Information Technology major and Business minor that plans to use her degree to bridge the Business-Technology gap that is still very apparent in most organizations. When not at school, you can find her either working as an IT Specialist for the Securities & Exchange Commission or at home playing with her puppy, Maggie. Mandy also is the President of the TCU Gymnastics Team and acts as the coach for the team at all practices. On the weekend, she is often volunteering out at her family's animal-assisted therapy non-profit organization called Paws for Reflection Ranch.