Our Story

Team Members

Stockton Ackermann

Documentation Lead and Android Application Developer

Smiley face Stockton Ackermann is originally from Miami, Florida. He is a Computer Science major with minors in energy technology and management, Mathematics, and General Business. He has interned with multiple energy businesses and plans to do so in the future. He is a very outgoing person who enjoys gaming, recreational sports, and computing.

Nicholas Capurso

Project Lead, Android Application Developer, and Network Engineer

Smiley face Nick Capurso is from Las Vegas, Nevada and is a Computer Science major with minors in Japanese and Mathematics. Upon graduation, he plans to go to graduate school to continue his studies and also maintain a full-time job. His passions include programming, astronomy, and learning foreign languages. In his free time, he enjoys coding, playing video games, practicing Japanese, and learning to play the guitar.

Eric Elsken

Technical Lead and Android Application Developer

Smiley face Eric Elsken is a Computer Science and Mathematics Double-Degree student. His plans for after graduation are to start working in industry for a few years before returning to graduate school for a Doctorate in Computer Science with a specialization in Computational Science. Eric plans to eventually become a professor of Computer Science later on in his career, possibly doing adjunct work in the technology industry. As long as he completes graduate school and becomes an educator, he will be happy.

Myrella Garcia

Website Developer, Client Coordinator, and Media Manager

Smiley face Myrella Garcia is a Computer Information Technology Major from McAllen, Texas. She is pursuing a career in Computer Systems Analyst and plans to continue her education. She enjoys spending time with her family, movies, sports and travelling.

Casey Stephens

Android Application Developer

Smiley face Casey Stephens is an avid programmer with a passion for puzzle solving and a deep love of digital media. Rasterized/linear digital art, videogames, and the complexities of the digital world are the things that interest him the most. He is a Computer Science Major who is out to learn as much as he can.

David Woodworth

Testing Lead, Network Engineer, and Website Developer

Smiley face David Woodworth is a Computer Information Technology Major and History Minor from Fort Worth, Texas. His interests include bicycling, flight simulators, and the history of computing. He enjoys writing any kind of code as well as developing the web. David currently works an internship testing pre-production wireless software for Cisco on TCU's campus. He plans to pursue a career in IT management.