Project Schedule

Number Date Deadline
0 October 21st Finalizing Project Requirements
1 October 29th Project Plan
2 November 5th Designing Database Schema
3 November 11th Iteration I - Admin (Annual Setup)
4 November 16th Project Requirement
5 November 24th SRS Website Skeleton
6 November 31st Account Registration, Poster Submission, Poster Search
7 November 13th 1st Semester Presentation
8 December 16th Iteration II
9 Winter Break Site testing
10 January 28th Admin can issue balloting and generate poster locations
11 February 4th Design Documentation
12 February 7th Iteration 3 Presentation
13 February 7th Iteration III
14 February 28th Auto-generate SRS Event Program
15 March 10th Iteration IV
16 March 23rd Abstract Submission Due
17 March 31st Migration from Development Server to Production Server
18 April 6th Electronic Poster Submission Due
19 April 7th Iteration V
20 April 14th Preparation for SRS Submission and Presentation
21 April 18th Department Winners Selected
22 April 18th Presenter Packets completed
23 April 21st SRS Presentation
24 April 28th User's Manual and Developer's Manual
25 May 4th Senior Design Presentation for Department