Team Members

Get to know us!

Will Taylor

Developer, foodie, tinkerer. I'm a senior computer science major at TCU minoring in business. Here at Scheduling Your Horizons, I'm the Design/UI lead. When I'm not in class, you can usually find me working on personal projects, playing in the marching band, riding my bike, or playing the latest and greatest video games.

Harrison Engel

I’m a (Super) Senior at TCU studying Computer Science with minors in Business and Chemistry. I have industry experience ranging from online marketing in Sydney, Australia to software development work at Google. In my free time I drink a lot of coffee, read, and build toy programs in Haskell.

Rebecca Ruch

I am a senior at Texas Christian University majoring in Computer Science. I am the development lead on our project, Scheduling Your Horizons. My interests outside of programming are playing sports, photography, and Netflix binge watching.

Steven Garcia

I am a senior Computer Information Technology student. I provided various roles, from remote systems support, to documentation review. Extra curricular activities include canine agility training and magic tricks.

Cameron Diou

I am currently a senior at TCU studying computer information technology. I have recently returned to TCU after a two year break to create a start-up called Sheepdog Technologies. Now that I am back I plan on finishing my degree and go on to form another start-up when I graduate. My role on this project is Project Manager and will be working with everyone within the team and all of the external contacts. I am excited to be a part of such a great team, and cannot wait to see our final product.